Our process is easily scalable

Glycerin vapor

Ayas Renewable Propylene Glycol

We have over 38 global patents that protect our art from the copycats out there. No one can do it the way we do

Our process catalyst has an exceptional lifetime


Ayas can produce its product in both Industrial grade as well as USP grade

Crude Ayas Renewable Propylene Glycol

Ayas has these

Scale up

Glycerin vapor

We use glycerin -  which is renewable, cheap and abundant - instead of oil

Instead of having these

We own the sub 25 bar (pressure), sub 300°C (temperature) operating range. 

Catalytic Conversion

Catalytic Reactor

Crude glycerin

Here's where the magic happens. We take that super heated glycerin and contact it with a catalyst. This is just a fancy term to describe a substance that accelerates our chemical reaction.  

Crude Ayas Renewable Propylene Glycol


Our Process

Powerful, yet simple and elegant


Distillation Column

Ayas Renewables

Our process is green

Our process is versatile


Our process is very efficient

2,000 hours of continuous pilot runs confirms our catalyst has a lifespan of over a year... over 10 times longer when compared to  any other tech out there


Our pilot

After the product comes out of the reactor, it needs a little cleaning. After all, it went through a crazy ride that transformed it from glycerin into Ayas Renewable Propylene Glycol.

It's as simple as replicating our current reactor


Our process is patent protected

Cheap crude glycerin is cleaned and super heated to vapor. This is commercially done at large scale. It's a very common, wide spread practice used in a variety of chemical processing applications